(Winslow, AR) - Folks, I was just reminded that the sky is blue! After a four-day deluge, the clouds parted! ...breifly. We managed to sneak a 40 mile (dry) ride in between down-pours. This is beautiful (hilly) country!

Special thanks to Kinetic Trainers for making our spring break a success!
(Emporia, KS) - It's been a fun and productive weekend! Despite a brutally blustery bike bonanza, both men's and women's teams earned the title of 2012 MWCTC Conference Champions! In the modified word's of Elton John, Mike Mittelsteadt was "Rocket man,  burning up the course out there alone." Mike was the individual champion, posting the only sub-hour time of the race. Christian Ruud and P-ditty McWilliams, both first-time (...ever!) triathletes, had exceptional races as well, finishing 2nd and 5th respectively. Torpedo Joe (Barnard) rounded out the scoring in lucky 13th. Congratulations also to Kristian Cardell for completing his first-ever triathlon! In the Woman's race, Lauren Slagel crossed the line 3rd and was followed by Emily Moravec in 7th to seal the team victory! Both teams will be going to Nationals in April! Special thanks to our wonderful hosts, cheerleaders and friends: the Mussatto Family! We're extremely grateful for your generous hospitality.

Now it's spring break! While most of the team returns to the hinterlands - Mike, Christian and Seth are headed to the Ozarks where they'll meet up with the cycling team for a week of training (...but mostly fishing). Until next time, Keep it classy!
Coach Kris Swarthout was selected as the 2012 Age Group Team USA Coach for this years ITU World Championships in Aukland, New Zealand! Read more here.